Frameworks: To use or not to use
Monday 24 October 2005 @ 10:19 am
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During a java meeting about the use of (open source) frameworks there were a number of interesting conclusions. Frameworks are not used for the following reasons:

  • Lack of knowledge by the team members.
    Most projects are fixed date. To minimize risks, projects use the known solutions (based on experiences of the team). There is no time to select and test a possible (open source) framework and estimation is already based on a known solution. Besides all that selecting a framework is not an easy task, see what-is-the-best-java-web-framework.
  • Dependency of a framework on other frameworks.
    Some frameworks depend heavily on other frameworks. This can make configuration management a nightmare specially when having multiple frameworks that use different versions of a common dependency.
  • Frameworks will be outdated in a few years.
    This �feeling� is based on the rapid changing java-world. A framework like Struts is now history.

When open source frameworks are not used, what is? Most projects define there own solution and depending on the size of the project this will turn out to be a project specific framework. This has one big disadvantage: new project members need to learn this framework. For this framework the same rule applies as for open source frameworks: they will be outdated within a few years.

Is there an advantage using an open source framework? YES!
There is a good chance that your project is not the only project using the framework. When new colleagues on a project have knowledge of a framework they will be productive in no time. This works best as framework selection is done on a corporate level.
Are there more advantages ?? let me know!!

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