Is Java going to stay?
Wednesday 19 October 2005 @ 10:04 am
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Bruce Tate, speaking at the guru4pro session on the 3th of november at TU Delft released a new book Beyond Java. You can visit the IT observer to read more about this new book.
Do we need to explore Ruby or should we wait until there is something completely new that will make our lives easier?

— By Rob de Jong     PermaLink

5 Responses to “Is Java going to stay?”

  1. Okke van 't Verlaat Says:

    Should we explore Python? Should we explore PHP? Should we explore Aardvark? Yep we should! But not for the purpose of exploration only. Ruby is an interesting language but it is not the new kid on the block. It has been around since 1993 when Yukihiro Matsumoto started working on it (google on Ruby history for more info). What’s new is the on Rails project for Ruby. And yep, that is impressing and definately worth the experiment. But also keep in mind that the ideas of Rails can be applied to a Java environment also. All it needs is a healthy shift of mind.

  2. Ruben Sprangemeijer Says:

    You can also look at this The ServerSide thread.

    looking at the number of reactions, there are a lot of Java people interested in RoR

  3. Marco pas Says:

    Let’s all look out-of-the-java-box. A lot of commercial based applications with loads of users and functionality run on technologies other then Java. So why stick with Java? Look at PHP for example and the huge developer base PHP has and the open source attitude of all these guys.. It perfect and above all it works.. fine developes fast …

  4. Okke van 't Verlaat Says:

    Two more words: Groovy baby! It outperforms Ruby on speed, it can be linked with Java (so you do not have to start all over again) and its a funny language also. Groovy is PHP mixed with Ruby mixed with the good things from Java. Take a look at

    By the way, I agree with Marco about PHP. Nowadays we’re talking enterprise-php instead of scriptkiddie-php. And as soon as the word ‘enterprise’ pops-up, you know you can even get management attention :)

  5. Rob de Jong Says:

    So, what I need is a few rainy sundays to play around with Groovy and the latest PHP version :-)

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