Is BEA preparing for something totally else?
Wednesday 14 December 2005 @ 8:21 pm
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During a session at the JavaPolis, hosted by Sun and BEA, a few carefully placed sentences attracted my attention. The Vice President/General Manager of the BEA Workshop Business Unit aka Bill Roth mentioned that 75% of preparing WebLogic is put into the effort of making WebLogic scalable, extensible etc. So why not open up WebLogic for other upcoming languages!

The ability to deploy applications implemented in PHP/Ruby or even .Net onto the WebLogic application server could open a whole other revenue stream for companies like BEA. These companies have already put a lot of effort into the application server space but are feeling the heat of competitors like the Apache Foundation and JBoss.

Opening up WebLogic to other languages would be a logical step into the evolution of WebLogic!

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Are we proud of our own invented complexity?
Wednesday 14 December 2005 @ 8:03 pm
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Java is fun, Java is nice but most of all Java can be damn complex! This is something that hit me when visiting several sessions during the JavaPolis. A creepy feeling got hold of me when watching some ego’s fighting over the question “what is the best framework to use!”. People started talking about Spring, Seam, Rife and every framework you can think off. Offcourse frameworks are invented for some reason, but why is the Java community not able to settle and choose 1 standard framework?

Creativity is something that must be encouraged and nurtured but sometimes it is nice to share the same idea and head towards one direction.

One question stays on my mind:
Are we as Java developers taking pride of our own invented complexity?

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Some JavaPolis figures…
Wednesday 14 December 2005 @ 7:54 pm
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Also visiting the JavaPolis? If not, you are missing one nice event! After being plunged into Java technology for the last three days and two more to come. I already can say that the JavaPolis is worth every penny. The things I like most about this event are very the informal atmosphere and speaker quality!

Some figures:

  • 2100+ visitors and 150+ speakers (50% increase with respect to last year)
  • 11.500 registered users on the JavaPolis wiki
  • visitors from 43 countries

There will be another JavaPolis event next year so make sure you will be there.. :)

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A christmas gift from Oracle
Wednesday 14 December 2005 @ 11:14 am
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You don’t have to be at the Javapolis event to get informed about Oracle’s ADF-Faces donation to the open source community. Read all about it in this, this , this and probably a dozen of other blogs. A don’t think MyFaces Cherokee, the name of the apache incubation project, is the greatest thing since sliced bread as one of these blogs is calling it. The problem I have is when eating sliced bread, every slice is exactly the same. In other words, sliced bread is disastrous for creative breakfast like using standard JSF components is blocking creative web design. But like sliced bread is speeding up my morning ritual, JSF can speed up web development. And in this context I personally think Cherokee it is a major step forwards! It’s the greatest thing since peanutbutter I would say. Wait for it to show up in the list of incubating apache projects and go wild on JSF in 2006. In the mean time, get creative using Tapestry or Wicket :-)

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