A christmas gift from Oracle
Wednesday 14 December 2005 @ 11:14 am
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You don’t have to be at the Javapolis event to get informed about Oracle’s ADF-Faces donation to the open source community. Read all about it in this, this , this and probably a dozen of other blogs. A don’t think MyFaces Cherokee, the name of the apache incubation project, is the greatest thing since sliced bread as one of these blogs is calling it. The problem I have is when eating sliced bread, every slice is exactly the same. In other words, sliced bread is disastrous for creative breakfast like using standard JSF components is blocking creative web design. But like sliced bread is speeding up my morning ritual, JSF can speed up web development. And in this context I personally think Cherokee it is a major step forwards! It’s the greatest thing since peanutbutter I would say. Wait for it to show up in the list of incubating apache projects and go wild on JSF in 2006. In the mean time, get creative using Tapestry or Wicket :-)

— By Okke van 't Verlaat     PermaLink

One Response to “A christmas gift from Oracle”

  1. Marco Pas Says:

    Be very glad that you were not present at the Oracle presentation! The Tell Sell level was very high. People attending the presentation surely will agree with me..

    “Tell me Bob why is this so beautifull? Chis i will show you.. Wow everybody needs this…”

    You get the drift i believe..

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