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Tuesday 17 July 2007 @ 3:52 pm
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Two weeks a brand new Eclipse called Europa has been released.
This release is just as the previous one (Callisto; version 3.2) a combination a range of of Eclipse projects.
So this release is not only one for the Java IDE, but also the Web Tools Platform (WTF), Eclipse Modeling Framework (EMF), CDK, Eclipse Dynamic Language Toolkit (DLTK), Eclipse Business Intelligence and Reporting Tools (BIRT) and much more.

Since the whole Europa release is too large for the average developer, the best way is to only download it by starting of with the Platform Runtime which can be found here
and install only the desired stuff using the Update Manager from Eclipse (”Help -> Software Updates -> Find and Install..” from the menu bar) via the “Europa Discovery Site”.

After you installed your customized Eclipse IDE you can check New and Noteworthy from the Platform, Java Development Tools (JDT) and Web Tools.
To summarize the new and noteworthy in Europa, I personally found the following relevant items:

  • You can optionally use “Save Actions” (configured and enabled in the preferences) to perform all kind of actions when saving a Java editor in Eclipse. Possible actions are code formatting, adding missing @Override and @Deprecated annotations, Organize imports and removing trailing whitespace.
  • Support for the Java Persistence API
  • We can now finally benefit from a visual JSP / JSF Web-Page Editor
  • Full JSF 1.2 support including a visual Faces configuration editor
  • Long resource paths are now supported on Windows. Requires 1.5 or higher for it to work.
  • Improves refactoring like refactoring directly inside the editor (without a dialog) and no need anymore to save your editors before doing a refactoring.
  • Workspace relative paths are now possible for JavaDoc locations. This way it’s now possible to place a zip with the JavaDoc of a library inside your project and attach it to your library. The advantage is that each developer will automatically get the JavaDoc when the check-out the project from version control. This is especially helpful for commercial libraries for which you don’t have the source code.
  • CTRL + 3 will give you a quick access to UI elements such as views, commands, preference pages etc.
  • And finally for Eclipse is now fully functional for Windows Vista.

The items I described above are just the tip of the iceberg. This because Europa consists of 21 Eclipse projects, so I barely scratched to surface so to speak.

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