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Tuesday 11 April 2006 @ 11:31 am
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It’s framework time. Again. We’ll probably never learn. And on one hand it’s good we do not learn, creativity is partly based on exploring the unlearned. But on the other hand building solutions for already solved problems seems a waste of time. What I’m talking about? New frameworks for solving the UI problem of our world wide web. The list is evergrowing and when looking at the latest additions your homebrew’s name must at least start with a capitol ‘W‘. I’m talking about Waffle’ and Wedge’ Is this the Wicket-effect??

I’m not in the mood, nor in the position, to dive deeply into these two new kids on the block but a quick look through their respective tutorials gave me the impression we’re not dealing with new and fresh approaches. Waffle seems nothing more than an action handling request based view dispatching framework. And Wedge is following the component oriented paradigm and utilizes ANT to generate java code (how about the write-deploy-test cycle??) for binding (indeed, no reflection needed anymore).

But, If you want to give it a try, go ahead! And Feel free to convince me whenever you’re findings do not match my quick look-without-touching way of review. Oh, and for those with too much spare time, I do not care you’re using it to build UI- framework XYZ, but I strongly suggest not to start its name with a trendy double-U :-) .

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