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Friday 16 September 2005 @ 3:17 pm
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To close the day, one more blog (no content without writing). Today, Magnolia Organization LLC announced a beta version of their JSR-170 (Content Repository for JavaTM technology API) compliant content management system that has been extended by Apple’s Quick time technology in order to provide tooling around the publishing of Digital Media: MagnoliaQT. Read the press announcement for more buzz.

After downloading and installing their tomcat bundled server I started playing with the thing. Nice but not very special. Yep, you can edit movies through a webinterface and yep, haven’t seen that before so yep, it might be useful for non-professional video-editors to tweak movies that are published on a webpage managed by magnolia. But what really attracted me were the installation instructions! I had to install Quicktime 7 and after that, copy a zip file to the jre’s extension directory. Hey! Quicktime is coming with a Java API. And indeed, Apple does provide an API to manipulate quicktime movies (altough through JNI so only available for MAC and Windows :-( ).

So forget Magnolia (unless you’re into content management and want just another tool to do your stuff), grep the QuickTime API, read all about it on the quicktime for java site and start having fun!

— By Okke van 't Verlaat     PermaLink

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