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Tuesday 12 December 2006 @ 4:31 pm
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Currently i am attending the JavaPolis 2006. A nice event with interesting topics and nice interesting people to meet. It is located at a nice venue in Antwerp called ‘Metropolis‘. If you are in the neighbourhood it is surely worth a visit and grab a movie if you are there. Enough said about the venue lets talk Java.. Yesterday the JRuby guys had a nice talk about the current state of the JRuby platform and possibilities. The current JRuby implementation and Rails framework are more or less available ontop of the JVM. It is interesting because it opens possibities using the Ruby language ontop of a robust JVM environment so we can program Ruby using the possibilities the Ruby language gives us and combine this with the awsome power of Java. I cannot wait to get my hands on JRuby and start creating some applications.

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3 Responses to “Java Scripting”

  1. Rob de Jong Says:

    What’s all the fuss about JRuby? Is it possible to build scalable web applications with JRuby?
    What about JEE5?

  2. Administrator Says:

    JRuby runs ontop of a JVM so in theory it would be the same as J2EE. The interesting idea about JRuby and other Ruby variants is the ease of programming.

  3. Robert Berg Says:

    There are a lot of efforts to make languages available on the jvm. It’s a smart thing to do, because it brings a very stable environment to an often very new language. And that could make it ready for enterprise solutions a lot sooner. It’s somewhat the same as what MS does with all their .NET variants of languages.

    I think it can also be used in Java 6’s new scripting engine.

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